diskgenius Partition Recovery Software

Recover Lost Files / Recover format partition

---this part tells you both recovering deleted files and recovering files after format

You can go to "Recover Lost Files or Formatted Partition" by

  • Tools --> Recover Lost Files or Formatted Partition

recover files

  • Mainscreen recover button

recover files

And clicking the recover button, you will see the following box.

recover files

Tips --> About "Scan all sectors"

If your files was just deleted, select "Recover deleted files" on the dialog box. If the file system of the partition is FAT32, you can also check the "Scan all sectors" option at the same time.

Due to the characteristics of the FAT32 file system some deleted files can not be found without "Scan all sectors". "Scan all sectors" will take longer time, it is recommended that you search the files without "Scan all sectors" option at first. If the files you want can not be found, then enable the "Scan all sectors" option and try again. Click "Start" button to start the deleted file recovery process.

search files

And after the file scanning, you will be able to see the following lost files which you may preview with the preview window.

recover files

Diskgenius is able to restore files with its original name and file folders. For the files or folders which cannot be confirmed the parent folder they belong to, DiskGenius will put them into a virtual folder named "Lost Files". If the files you are recovering cannot be found at it's original path, you can try to find it in the "Lost Files" folder.

Store lost files

Diskgenius will show you a window of lost files, if you are sure it is the right file you want to restore, then right click and then you will be able to save lost files by the following options.

save lost files

Copy to -- You will see a popup box that can save your file to any destination.

Copy to "Desktop" -- files will be directly saved to desktop

Copy to "My Documents" -- files will be saved to "My Documents"

New Folder -- You will be able to specify a pace and create a new folder to save these lost files.

Copy Files to Current Partition -- You can save this file directly to the found partition

Delete Files Directly -- Permanently delete files that you do not want to recover.

When all the files need to be recovered were copied out, you can click the "Partition" - "Reload Current Partition" menu item to release the recovering data and reload the partition from the disk.

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  • by John C.
    "Thank you for recovering the partition table that I deleted partition by mistake and this program restored my deleted partition together with lost photos.

  • by Tim Child
    "Your program saved my mom's photos from DELL laptop that was no longer bootable. My family and I am grateful for what your software did for us.