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Convert Partition Table between Primary and Logical

--change partition type

By DiskGenius, under general MBR partition table style, a primary partition may be converted to a logical partition with its data protected by DiskGenius. And also, a logical partition may be converted to a primary partition. Because of the limitation of the MBR partition table style, there are maximum 4 primary partitions (include one extended partition if it exist). Therefore, changing partition types between primary and logical also have some limitations:

Primary to Logical. To convert a primary partition to logical, the partition and the disk must meet the following requirements at the same time:
      1. There are some free sectors in front of the primary partition, these sectors is required for a logical partition.
      2. There is no extended partition, or the primary partition to be converted must be next to the extended partition.

Logical to Primary. To  convert a logical partition to primary, the partition and the disk must meet the following requirements at the same time:
      1. The number of primary partitions (include the extended partition) must not exceed 4.
      2. The logical partition is in either end of the extended partition.

The "Convert" menu item will only be enabled in case of above requirements are met.

Note that these conversions can not be applied on GPT disks.

To implement the conversion, select the partition at first, and then click "Convert to Logical" or "Convert to Primary" from the "Partition" menu.

To prevent data loss due to improper manipulation, this conversion will not be saved to hard disk immediately, it only be kept in the memory until you carry out the command of "Save Partition Table".


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    "Thank you for recovering the partition table that I deleted partition by mistake and this program restored my deleted partition together with lost photos.

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    "Your program saved my mom's photos from DELL laptop that was no longer bootable. My family and I am grateful for what your software did for us.