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Cloning disk means copying all partitions including all its files and other valid data from source disk to target disk. Before copying files and data, the partitions scene will be cloned according to the source disk. The size and type of each partition on the target disk will be same as that on the source disk. Then DiskGenius will copy all data or files of each partitions one by one. There are three copying methods provided:

1. Copy all sectors. Copy all sectors of the source partition (or volume) from beginning to end in sequence to target partition (or volume). It will not considering whether there is any valid data in the source sectors. This copy method may copy a big quantity of invalid data. Then it will take more time. This is the most complete copying mode, it will copy all the data from the source partition to the target partition in full exactly.
2. Copy all valid sectors according to the layout of the file system. Copy the data from the source partition (or volume) to the target partition exactly according to the file system structure. After the copy finished, the structure of target partition will be exactly same as the source partition. This copy method excluded the invalid sectors during the copy process. It only copy the valid sectors, the copy speed is highest.
3. Copy all files. According to the file system layout of the source partition (or volume), copy all the files and other related data from the source partition to target. While copying, the files copied to the target partition will be rearranged and the target file system will have no fragments. The copying speed is fast.

If the file system type of a partition is not supported by DiskGenius, the partition will be copied by sectors no matter which copying method is selected. This function requires that the capacity of the target disk must higher than the source disk.

To start clone disk, click the menu "Tools" -> "Clone Disk", DiskGenius will show the following "Clone Disk" dialogue box:

clone disk

At the same time, DiskGenius will pop up a dialog box for selecting a source and a target disks. As the following:

After selecting the source and target disk, come back to the dialog box of cloning disk. Select a suitable copy mode according to your requirement. Click the "Start" button to prepare for copying. DiskGenius will show the following warning message:

Note that all partitions and files on the target disk will be overwritten! DiskGenius will try to lock all the partitions on the two disks after the "OK" button is pressed. If the partitions on source disk could not be locked (mostly because the partition is system partition or DiskGenius is installed in this partition), DiskGenius will show a message box like the following:

If you want to copy the partition without locking, click "Yes" to start.


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    "Thank you for recovering the partition table that I deleted partition by mistake and this program restored my deleted partition together with lost photos.

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    "Your program saved my mom's photos from DELL laptop that was no longer bootable. My family and I am grateful for what your software did for us.