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Help Document of DiskGenius - Online Guide

File Option

file options

Copy to: save your lost file to any destination once the program find it.

Copy to "Desktop" -- files will be directly saved to desktop.

Copy to "My Documents" -- files will be saved to "My Documents".

New Folder -- You will be able to specify a pace and create a new folder to save these lost files.

Copy Files to Current Partition -- You can save this file directly to the found partition.

Delete Files Directly -- Permanently delete files that you do not want to recover.

Exit -- close the program.

Disk Option

disk options

Save Partition Table: You are able to save found partitions by saving the partition table

Backup Partition Table: back up partition table for future use

Restore Partition Table: restore partition table by reloading saved backup copy

Rebuild Master Boot Record: recover bad mbr, fix PC unbootable problem. See tutorial

Clear Reserved Sectors:

Convert to GUID Partition Table:

Convert to MBR Partition Table:

Set Disk Geometry:

Verify or Repair Bad Tracks:

Quick Partition:

Delete All Partitions:

Create VMWare Virtual Disk File:

Create ".img" Image File:

Open Virtual Disk File:

Close Virtual Disk File:

Reload Current Hard Disk:

Partition Option

partition option

Create New Partition:

Format Current Partition:

Delete Current Partition:

Hide Current Partition:

Mark Partition as Active:

Remove Partition's Active Mark:

Modify Partition Parameters:

Convert to Primary:

Covert to Logical:

Assign New Drive Letter:

Remove Drive Letter:

Set Volume Name:

Reload Current Partition:

Tools Option


Check Partition Table Error:

Search Lost Partitions (Partition Recovery): Rebuild Partiton Table to restore lost partition

Recover Lost Files or Formatted Partition: recover files and restore formatted partition

Clone Partition to Image File:

Restore Partition from Image File:

Copy Partition:

Clone Disk:

Make USB-ZIP Bootable Disk

Make USB-FDD Bootable Disk

Make USB-HDD Bootable Disk









  • by John C.
    "Thank you for recovering the partition table that I deleted partition by mistake and this program restored my deleted partition together with lost photos.

  • by Tim Child
    "Your program saved my mom's photos from DELL laptop that was no longer bootable. My family and I am grateful for what your software did for us.